The Father-heart of God

Hope Church Blumenort - Father Heart of God

God deeply desires for His children to understand and walk in the reality of His passionate Father-heart. As we begin to abide in His heart for us, it will change the way we see ourselves, and those around us. Share this Post

The Cross

Download Audio (MP3) Download MP3 Audio Download MP3 Audio Download MP3 We are presently in a preaching series on the Cross. This series will look at the deep meaning of the cross and what it says about God, including the rich spiritual blessings, the personal implications, and the tremendous power flowing out of its spiritual reality. Share this Series

Building the Body

Hope Church Blumenort - Building the Body

This series is on healthy body life in the church. God has equipped his bride to walk in effective, vibrant body life that brings him glory. Share this Post

The Spirit of Christmas

Hope Church Blumenort - The Spirit of Christmas

Join us in celebrating the season of Christmas, reflecting on the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ and the spirit lead events that surrounded the super-natural birth. Share this Post